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Happy Tail: Bella Is a Beautiful Addition

Monique Borrero had Princess, a Pug combine, for 9 years when she determined to undertake Charlie, a Chihuahua combine. Charlie’s mom had been surrendered when she was pregnant, so Charlie had solely identified life within the shelter earlier than his adoption, and he was blissful in his new residence, however Princess didn’t actually respect a new canine in her home, notably as a result of he stored sniffing at her.

Charlie, Lukas and Bella pose for the camera.

Charlie, Lukas and Bella pose for the digital camera.

“I kept telling him to stop,” Monique says, but it surely didn’t dissuade him. Only later, when she took Princess to the veterinarian, did she uncover that the canine had most cancers and that Charlie was sniffing on the very place had been the most cancers was situated.

“Charlie was so loving and caring that whenever Princess had a seizure he would know and would go and snuggle with her and stay until the seizure was over,” Monique says. “When she passed away, he started howling.”

Shortly after that, she adopted Lukas, a Miniature Schnauzer combine. His proprietor had surrendered him, and it wasn’t clear how he had been handled as a result of when Monique picked him up he went stiff. After a few months although, he and Charlie grew to become greatest buddies and he relaxed. “He is very cuddly and likes to give lots of kisses,” Monique says.

Since the loss of life of Princess, Monique had longed for one more Pug, so she started trying on Petfinder to see if any had been out there in her space. Up popped Bella. “She was so beautiful, but I did hesitate a little bit only because Charlie and Lukas were such good friends and I didn’t know how the dynamic would be when I added a female Pug.”

She overcame her reservations, nonetheless, and went forward with the adoption. She introduced Bella residence simply because the canine had come out of knee surgical procedure. “Charlie immediately started licking her wounds and taking care of her,” Monique says, “and ever since then, those three have been inseparable and are absolutely amazing together.” So a lot for “three’s a crowd.” This little crowd is nice firm.

All three of the canines had been adopted from the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

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