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Handling Rules For Newborn Guinea Pigs

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We bought our daughter a pet guinea pig earlier this yr. The homeowners advised us our new guinea pig, Bailey, was 6 weeks previous. After just a few weeks, we seen her form was altering. We have been afraid of tumors, so I instantly introduced her to the veterinarian — and, oh my gosh, she was pregnant. Bailey had 4 child guinea pigs. The vet is saying to not let the youngsters deal with them in any respect for just a few weeks and was not clear concerning the adults. The kids have been dealing with small animals from rats to bearded dragons for years, so I’m not anxious about them harming them in any respect. I do know the vet was mainly saying they’re fragile.

My query is: Is there an actual timeframe that they need to be left alone, or ought to we begin socializing with them straight away?

How quickly can we’ve got the child guinea pigs sexed? We plan to maintain one feminine child guinea pig. Is there often any downside with temperament when it’s a mother-daughter residing collectively as soon as the child is an grownup, or anytime for that matter?

How quickly ought to we separate the male guinea pigs from the females so this is not going to occur once more? Our analysis exhibits three weeks.

We do have houses for 2, perhaps three, of the guinea pigs already. What would you advocate as a great age to separate them from Mom efficiently and go to their new houses?

Any recommendation on caring for Mom guinea pig and the infants is welcomed!


Baby guinea pigs are such valuable little creatures. Ears and legs greater than the remainder of their physique they’re valuable little ones who needs to be dealt with with the best care however, sure, they are often dealt with from the second they’re born if you’re not interfering with the birthing course of and you’re doing so with the utmost care. The mom guinea pig is not going to reject them since you are dealing with them.

Just just like the human child being handed round after beginning, they’ve been listening to your voices, films, music for nevertheless many months they’ve been in your house of their mom’s womb. So they’re no strangers to you, your loved ones or your pets. It has been my expertise that dealing with child guinea pigs from early on makes them very calm and easygoing with folks.

Baby guinea pigs will be sexed at beginning, however often solely by an skilled guinea pig individual like your veterinarian or somebody with a lot of guinea pig familiarity. Male guinea pigs can grow to be sexually lively at three weeks (with minimal effectiveness however no much less a nuisance). Female guinea pigs want to stick with their mom for 4 weeks. Male guinea pigs will seem to have a white ring of their genital space. Female guinea pigs could have what appears like a tiny grain of rice.

Baby guinea pigs are born supercharged and can begin nursing someplace in a 24-hour interval, so don’t panic in the event that they don’t latch on straight away. A mom guinea pig wants to wash the infants and eat the afterbirth to chemically generate the mammary glands to begin producing milk. Even human mothers don’t produce milk proper off the bat; it takes a day or two.

Baby guinea pigs begin nursing in 24 hours, and eat strong meals at three days as mother exhibits them how. They might want to nurse for at the very least three weeks it doesn’t matter what. During this time, the mom guinea pig does lots of different issues for her child guinea pigs. She stimulates them to urinate and defecate by cleansing their bottoms periodically all through the day. She has to do that for at the very least three weeks. The mom can be producing a softer stool for the infants to devour in order that they’ve the right micro organism of their digestive programs. So being with the mom guinea pig for 3 weeks is essential.

A mother-daughter guinea pig mixture is commonly the most effective. If you’ll be able to pair the male guinea pigs in some capability with one another, it might be good to maintain the household collectively as a result of male guinea pigs are troublesome to pair, and the most effective pairings are brothers.

While the mother is nursing you may provide her alfalfa, which is a really wealthy grass. This is likely one of the few instances you may provide it to her and the infants with out worrying concerning the calcium content material. Give the mom guinea pig and her infants the freshest and better of meals to make sure a sound base for them to develop from. “A handful of hay a day keeps the vet away,” is my motto. Of course they get a few flake of timothy hay every day as a result of it’s so excessive in vitamin C and there’s no fear concerning the calcium content material. A flake is a phase of a bale of hay. It is about three inches huge and the width of the hay bale.

Baby guinea pigs develop shortly, and earlier than it they are going to be prepared for their very own lives. Interacting with them as a lot as you may will make them the most effective and most desired of guinea pigs due to their socialization and fearlessness with people.

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