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Guy Accidentally Kidnaps Neighbor’s Cat In Hilarious Mixup

Grab a cup of cocoa. Have a seat. Settle in. Because that is the hilariously juicy story a couple of man who by chance kidnapped his neighbor’s cat.

In a sequence of tweets shared on Twitter by @NZClarke, consumer Clarke Gayford shares the story of a pal who spent $130 on the vet on therapy for his cat, then needed to hold the cat in his bed room for 5 days to recuperate, after which his precise cat walked into the home.

Wait. Whaaaaaaa?

The man’s neighbor even knocked on his door to report her lacking cat, and he informed her it was simply his black cat in the home.

The plot thickens!

Then he apparently realized the cat in his home was a boy, although his cat is a woman. And a part of the therapy on the vet was prescribing anti-anxiety meds as a result of the man mentioned his cat had been performing “weird.”

So when his precise cat strolled in, he realized the huge mixup. Luckily, the neighbor has since despatched him a message letting him know that her cat is doing OK post-kidnapping and pointless medicating.

Whew! What an ordeal. I would like a nap.


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