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Gnaw? Naw! Why Does My Cat Chew My Hair?

My cat is sooo cute, however I do have a query. Why does he like chewing on my hair? —Donna Bates

It does appear to be a bizarre factor to do, however chewing in your hair is sensible to your cat. In truth, should you have been a cat as an alternative of a human he’d most likely lick your fur. Cats groom one another with a view to bond and present affection. Your pet thinks you’re a cool cat, so take that as a praise. Unless your cat is obsessive about grooming your head, which may point out he’s wired and making an attempt to self-soothe, you don’t have something to fret about. Fortunately, it’s now winter and carrying a wooly cap round the home will hold you heat and shield your hair from cat mouths.  Maybe he’d like a cat roommate to hang around with (if he doesn’t have already got one) or a stuffed, catnip-infused toy for redirecting his affection.

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