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Finding a Truly Dog Friendly Home in a Non-Dog Friendly World

I’ve seen a very disturbing pattern in the previous 20 years of subdivisions using covenants concerning fencing which can be clearly “un-dog-friendly”. The fences should not be over 36″ excessive and require subject fencing wire mesh that by no means blocks the view. The scenario is intensified when the yard backs as much as an open house strolling path. There is a second and equally essential scenario with these low, see by means of fences: the fence doesn’t hold predators out of the yard.

I’m often on the dwelling to “train” the canine to not bark at individuals strolling by the yard. Every day neighbors, with or with out canines stroll inside a few ft of the canine’s yard. Not surprisingly, the canine barks at them. The house owners are determined to search out a strategy to cease the canine from barking.

The house owners thought they discovered nirvana once they purchased the house, an unobstructed view from their yard. Instead they dwell in a dog-owner’s nightmare.

Dog house owners want to grasp that the fence means nothing to the canine. Dogs are naturally territorial. When “intruders” come inside a few ft of their territory, they bark at them to ship them away. And from the canine’s perspective, it really works.

I all the time ask the house owners the identical query: “If a stranger were walking right outside of your living room window, would you want your dog to bark?” The reply is “yes” 100% of the time.

They don’t understand they’ve an unrealistic expectation of the canine to know who to bark at and at what particular distance from the house. 

Many house owners simply slap a shock bark collar on the canine and assume they’ve solved the issue. To me, that’s like crippling a herding canine as a result of they spherical up the youngsters or taping shut the nostril of bloodhound so that they received’t have their nostril to the bottom. Using a extra human equal, it’s like placing a shock collar on a human that’s programmed to shock the wearer each time they use the phrase, “um…” or each time they cough or clear their throat. It’s abusive as a result of the conduct is regular. There are a host of tension points which can be created once we punish regular, nearly involuntary conduct.

Here are some pointers for canine house owners about discovering a dwelling that doesn’t create issues and a few concepts to forestall barking should you already dwell in a home with an “un-dog-friendly” yard.

If you’re in the marketplace for a dwelling:

  • Don’t purchase a home adjoining to a strolling path or a golf course. You could have a day by day duty to maintain your canine from barking at neighbors as they stroll by.
  • Don’t purchase a home in a subdivision that outlaws privateness fences. Dogs additionally bark on the individuals subsequent door which can be clearly seen.
  • Don’t purchase a home that requires fencing that’s simply climbed by predators. It takes lower than a minute for a coyote to seize your small breed canine and kill them.
  • If you’re searching for acreage, it’s finest to search out property the place the home sits in the center of the lot, not alongside the road. This creates a buffer of distance. The nearer the foot visitors, the extra intense the canine’s territorial response.
  • If you reside in a home that isn’t canine pleasant and you might be about so as to add a canine to your loved ones, do your homework. Some breeds are way more territorial than others. (Guarding Breeds) Some breeds are very aroused by motion (Terriers and Herding Breeds and any of their derivatives).

If you already personal a dwelling that’s adjoining to foot visitors with no barrier to visibility:

  • Never go away your canine exterior for lengthy durations of time unsupervised. It isn’t troublesome to study to name the canine to you or to come back inside if they begin barking. It is sort of unimaginable to coach a territorial canine to not bark at strangers.
  • Create a giant canine run inside your yard, as far-off from the fence as attainable and panorama round it to dam the canine’s view. Don’t go away the canine in the run all day, both. Boredom can also be a motivator for barking.
  • The canine yard shouldn’t embody entry to the entrance of the home.
  • If the canine is barking from inside the house, take away entry to home windows. Many house owners permit their canines to observe barking at strangers by giving them a sofa to perch on proper in entrance of a window.


Laura Brody is the proprietor of Denver’s Good Family Dog, Kind, Purposeful, Force-Free Dog Training and Behavior.


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