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Ferret Suddenly Chews Its Hammock

Q: I consider that the explanation our one ferret is chewing on her hammy is as a result of she is burdened or bored. Is this so? We moved, and I’ve not gotten out their gates and different issues to maintain them from getting damage. We plan on having this executed possibly subsequent week if it doesn’t rain; no later than two weeks. They do get out no less than three hours a day in my bed room, however I would like them out a lot of the day with me. But, I can’t get to the issues I have to arrange the lounge but.

A: Stress and tedium are actually each a chance from what you describe of your ferret’s scenario. Stress can result in ulcers, and we frequently see this offered as ferrets chewing inappropriate issues. Also, the stress could possibly be because of the latest transfer. The completely different routine might simply be annoying to your ferret, and the change in play time/house could possibly be resulting in boredom.

I might have your ferret checked out by a veterinarian to verify the stress or the chewing isn’t brought on by an sickness. If your ferret continues to chew the hammock, attempt to prepare her schedule as comparable as attainable to earlier than the transfer and take away the hammock for a short while so she isn’t in a position to chew on it.

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