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Female Cockatiel Breeding Behavior – Petcha


I’ve a 1-yr-previous feminine cockatiel. She places her rear towards the hen cage together with her tail within the air and goes into her personal little cockatiel world, quietly squawking. And by “personal little world,?I imply which you can truly contact my cockatiel with out her being frightened.

Your feminine cockatiel is in her personal little world. The posture you describe seems like a pure mating posture for a hen cockatiel. The undeniable fact that she displays breeding conduct doesn? imply that she has to have a mate. It merely signifies that she is having a pure organic response to her atmosphere.

There are many elements of a feminine cockatiel? life that may stimulate breeding conduct. This consists of a rise in gentle, warmth and humidity. There will also be one thing in or close to your cockatiel? hen cage that looks as if a nest or a nest cavity. It is regular for a cockatiel hen to behave on this method every so often.

However, do no matter you possibly can to maintain this “broody?conduct to a minimal. The motive is that if a companion cockatiel hen begins to put eggs, it might result in extreme egg laying, which may result in calcium deficiencies, egg binding and different severe well being issues.

 Excerpt from the Popular Birds Series magabook Cockatiels with permission from its writer, BowTie magazines, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Cockatiels right here.

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