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Dog’s Swollen Abdomen Could Be Serious

Q. What would trigger a canine’s stomach to look loads bigger in only a brief time frame. Our canine hasn’t had any contact with male canines, so I used to be questioning what it might be aside from being pregnant?

A. An unexplained enlargement or swelling of your canine’s stomach could also be a medical or surgical emergency, particularly if it occurs all of the sudden. If you referred to as our emergency hospital, we might inform you to come back proper in.

It might be a uterine an infection about to rupture, a spleen or liver bleeding into the stomach, bleeding as a result of ingestion of mouse poison, fluid from liver or coronary heart failure, or Cushing’s illness, a hormonal illness of the adrenal gland.
There is, in actual fact, no situation that might trigger a innocent enlargement of the stomach, besides probably extreme digestive fuel or an episode of overeating.
At our emergency hospital, we’re skilled to “worry” about all the dangerous issues that may occur to pets. Since your feminine canine has not been spayed, I might be most involved a couple of uterine an infection. Untreated, these infections will lead to sepsis, an an infection of the bloodstream that’s normally deadly. Please get in to see your veterinarian or go to a veterinary emergency hospital as quickly as attainable.

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