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Dogs Save Three-Year-Old Girl From Rattlesnake

A German Shepherd named Trek and a Pit Bull named Gracie are credited with saving the lifetime of just a little lady who was about to step into the trail of a coiled rattlesnake, which was able to defend itself.

Rodney Bacon of Owyhee County, Nevada, went to retrieve the mail when he heard Harper, his Three-year-old daughter, yelling at Trek to cease pushing her.

“She wanted to get around towards the end of the SUV and he wouldn’t let her and she kept saying, “Stop pushing me! Trek stop pushing me!” Bacon instructed KTVB.com.

Two canine took cost – and one was bitten within the course of – whereas defending a toddler from a rattlesnake in Owyhee County.
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Posted by KTVB on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The two went again into the home, seemingly unaware that Trek was defending Harper from a rattlesnake. Around the identical time they went inside, Gracie, who is generally very shy, obtained agitated and precipitated Bacon to go outdoors once more.

“A soon as I closed the door the other dog starts barking at it,” Bacon stated. “And that’s when she was going after it, and the closer I got to the snake, the more aggressive she got. She ended up killing the snake by the time I got the shovel.”

While averting the snake although, Gracie obtained bit and ran away. Bacon thought that she ran off to die, and was unable to seek out her till the subsequent day.

“The following day I came back at lunchtime, and there was another rattlesnake there and she was sitting there and she killed that one, too,” Rodney stated. “And she had another bite on her leg. At that point I tied her up and I was like, ‘I’m taking you to the vet right now.’”

Apart from having a swollen head the place she obtained bit, Gracie survived the bites and is doing effectively.

Dogs appear to know when hazard is round, and these two did an excellent job in maintaining Harper out of hurt’s manner.

Good job, Trek and Gracie!

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