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Dear Dog Trainer, I See You

Dear Dog Trainer,

I see you.

I see you caring for everybody round you, generally forgetting to look after your self. You’re a caretaker, a trainer, a guiding mild – generally a therapist – to your shoppers. You then go residence and supply the identical nurturing care to your individual household and buddies.

I see your drained eyes. You’re up lengthy nights researching the most recent analysis in behavioral science and writing coaching plans for shoppers. You lay awake worrying concerning the canines and their people whose futures you’re feeling personally accountable for. You surprise in case you did every thing proper that day.

I see you in your dangerous days. The days if you surprise why you selected this profession. Work with canines, they mentioned. It’ll be enjoyable, they mentioned. But some days, it isn’t enjoyable. It’s irritating and heartbreaking and generally it is downright insufferable. But you get up the subsequent morning, you get away from bed, and also you do it once more. Because it isn’t a profession; it is a calling. But on these laborious days, that does not make it any simpler.


But this is what else I see.


I see you proving common opinion mistaken. “You can’t train a reliable recall without an e-collar.” “You can’t get a dog to walk on a loose leash without corrections.” “You won’t have a well-mannered dog unless you assert your dominance over them.” You hear this stuff typically. And you show them mistaken every day. You might not really feel that others see these shining successes. But I do. And your shoppers do. And the canines you’re employed with won’t ever know the ache, concern, and confusion they’re going to by no means expertise as a result of their people selected you as their coach. And what a blessing that’s.

I see you in your good days. I see the best way profitable coaching session lights up your face, and leads you on to battle one other day. I see you bear in mind, but once more, that the rationale we battle for the least aversive coaching strategies is as a result of our coaching works, and it has lasting outcomes. And although you’ll have seen these outcomes time and time once more, that feeling of accomplishment by no means loses its glow.

I see you altering lives. One consumer at a time, one canine at a time, you are altering lives. You’re probably saving lives. Even on days that did not go precisely as deliberate, you selected to spend your waking hours serving to others enhance the standard of their lives. At the top of the day, science-based, fashionable canine coaching is a catalyst that positively modifications the lives of the canines and people it touches. It is, at its core, altering animal conduct whereas doing no hurt. And so are you.


Alex Andes is the proprietor and head coach of Peach on a Leash Dog Training & Behavior Services in Atlanta, GA. She additionally works for Positively because the Director of Digital Content.


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