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Coralline Algae Discovered In Freshwater River In Croatia

Coralline algae, usually seen as a tough, mild pinkish algae on saltwater aquarium rocks, invertebrate shells, and glass was regarded as unique to saltwater and brackish water environments, however jap European scientists have found the algae within the Cetina River in Croatia, a karst river situated within the Adriatic Sea watershed. This river has a pH that’s much like marine environments, however with out the saltwater.

Pneophyllum cetinaensis Holotype (PC0145164) (a). Typically, P. cetinaensis develops as a crust on cobbles and pebbles (b,c). Extensive protection in a shaded, shallow space within the kind locality (d) the place most gastropods are overgrown by P. cetinaensis, generally with reproductive buildings (arrow) (e). Photos by A. Žuljevic

The researchers, led by A. Žuljevic of the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, in Split, Croatia, found that Pneophyllum cetinaensis is endemic to the Cetina River and is the primary identified freshwater coralline algae found. Its marine family tree places it as a secondary freshwater immigrant. It can not stay within the estuary of the Cetina River which has diluted seawater and its sexual and asexual reproductive buildings are conducive to a life in freshwater situations. What makes the Cetina River ideally suited for the expansion of this algae is the presence of carbonate rocks, limestone largely, and arduous water that’s enriched with dissolved calcium carbonate and magnesium ions. The presence of those compounds are vital for the expansion of Pneophyllum cetinaensis.

The researchers discovered the coralline algae on rocks and on the shells of snails within the river system. The discovery of Pneophyllum cetinaensis dispels the notion that coralline algae is solely within the saltwater area.

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