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Cat Unknowingly Hits The Turbo Zoomies Button On Dog Friend

Dogs doing zoomies is a captivating phenomenon. You can by no means predict when or why they resolve to run at full velocity throughout the carpet or sofa, however you possibly can’t look away when it occurs.

This phenomenon is captured in a video posted to Twitter by @NatureIsAmazing. The video reveals a cat and canine having a seemingly sassy alternate on the steps, main the cat to faucet the canine upside the top with a paw.

This spot on the canine’s head is outwardly additionally his turbo button, as a result of the canine instantly runs to the highest of the steps, and does speedy laps backwards and forwards down the hallway.

The cat watches all of this with a mixture of confusion and delicate horror, as if to say,

And then…

We want we had some solutions for you, cat. Maybe sometime, scientists will be capable to clarify the main reason for canine zoomies. Until then, simply sit again and benefit from the present.

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