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Cat Loves Giant Living Cat Tree AKA His Huge Dog Brother

Cat bushes are nice for feline enrichment. They give cats a spot to play and train, permit for top perching spots to lounge on and let cats nudge their heads in opposition to them to scratch their faces and snuggle as much as — and holy cow this cat tree is transferring.

That’s as a result of the “cat tree” one kitty is nuzzling is in reality a Bernese Mountain Dog, a video on Rumble by eugii exhibits. The cat is overcome with emotion subsequent to his big canine brother and looks like he can’t get sufficient of him.

There’s snuggling, cuddling and straight canoodling. The canine regularly tries to carry issues down a notch by actually bringing his physique decrease and decrease, till he’s mendacity on the bottom as an alternative of sitting up.

The cat retains on going. Even if canine has collapsed, and clearly doesn’t characterize any sort of construction, this kitty doesn’t care. We hope that in the future we will discover one thing we love as a lot as this cat loves this cat tree canine.

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