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Cat Learns to Hammock, Finds Maximum Chill

As any human will let you know, hammocks are onerous to navigate. But one Netherlands-living cat named Timo is proving that the wrestle is actual – even for felines.

After receiving a cat-sized hammock from his people, Timo the Ragdoll cat spends numerous hours making an attempt to navigate the loopy contraption for the last word in leisure, solely to discover that it’s not so simple as it appears to be like.

Innumerable failed makes an attempt and a pawsome quantity of perseverance over months led Timo, who rose to social media fame in Oct. 2013, to hammock victory. Now he hard-core enjoys lounging within the lap of luxurious that’s his hammock.

While your complete compilation of Timo entering into the groove of his hammock is crucial viewing, we are able to’t stress the significance of the serene scene that begins at 1:11 – serving as an inspirational, something is feasible kind of reduce; in addition to a nod to Timo’s humble beginnings as a Koi fish-loving kitty.

How does your hammock recreation match-up to Timo’s?


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