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Cat Helps Police Get Car Theft Suspect Off a Ledge

Earlier this week a man driving a Toyota Highlander was pulled over by a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer. While Officer Vu Williams was acquiring the motive force’s info, the person bolted, CBS San Francisco experiences, hopped a fence and bumped into a constructing. It was later revealed that the Highlander was reported stolen.

Police discovered the unnamed suspect in a second-story window. He was solely carrying shorts and he was threatening to leap, based on CBS San Francisco. For three hours police tried to speak the person down, solely succeeding when his household introduced his cat to the scene. The presence of the cat calmed the suspect, enabling police to get him safely inside earlier than arresting him.

The energy of cats is superb – relieving stress in essentially the most aggravating conditions. We suppose the cat needs to be awarded as an honorary officer of the San Francisco CHP.

Has your cat ever calmed you throughout a high-stress scenario?


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