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Cat Acts Like Santa And Leaves Family Gifts Each Morning

There’s an simple magic on Christmas morning — waking up early to open presents with family members.

And for a cat named Charlie and his human household, each morning is Christmas morning, as a result of he leaves new presents for them day by day.

It didn’t begin out that approach, although.

“In the beginning, all we noticed was that once in a while we would find one of his favorite toys near the top of the basement stairs,” Beth Tivol, Charlie’s mother, advised The Dodo. “As time went on, one of his toys wound up there almost every morning. We learned to step over them.”

“Here’s some yarn. Enjoy!” Via Beth Tivol/The Dodo

“Eventually things that weren’t his usual toys started appearing. A hair tie. A pen cap. A twist-tie that had fallen to the ground the night before that we hadn’t been able to find,” Tivol advised The Dodo. “After a few more weeks of this we finally figured it out. He was leaving us gifts!”

“Do you have any idea how hard it was to track down all this garbage?” Via Beth Tivol/The Dodo

Now, the Tivol household is happy to get up and see what Charlie has left for them. Could it’s shoelaces? A paper clip? An outdated hat? Nothing is off limits for Charlie.

“I mean, who DOESN’T need tape, am I right?” Via Beth Tivol/The Dodo

And he doesn’t even must be bribed with a plate of cookies!

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