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Can I Stop My Cat From Chewing Cords?


I have an nearly 1-year-old cat. When she was a kitten, she chewed a couple of cords and I simply thought she was teething. It’s gotten a lot worse over the previous couple of months. She goes in search of issues to chew. I am afraid that she’s going to damage herself. I have tried the bitter yuck spray and she or he appreciated it. I don’t know what else to do. Please assist.


Your issues are justified. Chewing and ingesting objects can result in life-threatening obstructions. Take your younger cat to the veterinarian; a medical situation may trigger your cat’s habits. Depending on the explanations in your cat’s habits, your veterinarian could suggest a mix of habits modification together with medical intervention.

After the vet examination, use habits modification and environmental administration to switch the habits. Start by managing the setting by placing cords in conduit or different twine protectors. Place objects that the younger cat may need to chew into cupboards and drawers the place she can not entry them.

When you’re taking away the forbidden objects, present your cat with applicable gadgets to chew and provides her actions to do this will mentally stimulate her. Dip dental well being chew toys in actual tuna juice to entice and preserve her busy. Interactive toys reminiscent of ball and tract toys, puzzle toys and ping pong balls may even assist focus her away from damaging chewing. If your cat enjoys enjoying in water, think about both a pet fountain or a motion-sensitive faucet. All toys should be sturdy and with out items that may be chewed off and swallowed.

Your cat may even admire climbing up on tall objects in addition to hiding in tunnels and containers. Place vertical territory reminiscent of cat bushes and cabinets in the entire rooms the place your cat likes to be. Additionally, add horizontal scratchers and scratching posts for her to scratch in each room.

Consistency is essential. Play, feed and have interaction your cat within the actions she enjoys on the identical time each day. Since she is younger, she wants a number of play classes each day. Do not play utilizing your fingers; all the time use toys when enjoying together with her. Clicker coaching your cat on a constant schedule will mentally stimulate her and shift your cat’s focus away from damaging behaviors.

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