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Cagemate For Aggressive Female Chinchilla


I’ve a 2.5-year-old, feminine chinchilla. I received her one other feminine chinchilla mate final 12 months, across the identical age, however Spinoza, my present and first chinchilla, didn’t like Hegel, the brand new chinchilla. They fought, so I couldn’t hold them collectively. Hegel quickly after died. I wish to get Spinoza a buddy, however I’m nervous that she can be territorial and aggressive once more. I used to be interested by getting a child chinchilla. Perhaps that will carry out her motherly instincts? I simply need her to have a buddy to snuggle and hold firm when I’m not dwelling.


Attempting to pair chinchillas entails some danger, requires very cautious monitoring and a substantial time dedication. Some chinchillas (female and male) choose to stay alone. Other chinchillas love the companionship. If the pairing is profitable, the pair usually bonds for all times.

Aggressive chinchillas (and ones who don’t get pleasure from cagemates) just do high-quality having one other chinchilla in a neighboring cage. The cages may be shut sufficient so the chinchillas can work together, however ought to have sufficient distance between them so toes usually are not bitten off if there’s a disagreement. In separate cages, the chinchillas can work together as continuously as they want with out danger.

When trying to pair chinchillas, a primary step is to put them in neighboring cages as is described above. Leave them on this association for a few weeks. If they appear to get alongside properly, then take one cage and put it in a small room like a toilet. Be positive to place the bathroom seat and lid down. Chinchillas are good jumpers! Then carry the second chinchilla in and let her or him run round within the room. Supervise these interactions for 20 minutes or longer, relying in your time constraints. Then return the chinchillas to their respective cages.

Chinchillas are naturally curious. During the time within the small room, they most probably will contact noses, will odor one another and will groom one another. Grooming is a really constructive signal. If habits is sweet for a pair days, then open the cage door so each chinchillas can roam within the toilet. You ought to do that a number of instances over the course of per week.

If all remains to be high-quality, then attempt permitting them in the identical cage. It is vital to make use of a “neutral” cage that neither chinchilla has lived in. This helps keep away from assertion of dominance and/or territoriality. Carefully monitor them for the subsequent 24 to 48 hours and be watchful for the subsequent couple weeks.

If there’s any signal of serious aggression, separate them instantly and completely go away them in separate cages. Fights can erupt very abruptly and sometimes final solely a few seconds. Fights could contain some fur plucks or could contain deep bites. A deep chew from a chinchilla’s lengthy, slender, sharp entrance enamel could cause extreme damage or demise, which is the rationale cautious monitoring is so vital.

There is not any assure your feminine will settle for a weanling, however the likelihood of profitable pairing with a weanling is greater than with one other grownup. You also needs to take into account that the weanling could change into terrified and traumatized. If the pairing fails however the chinchillas are unhurt, it could take a while for each to settle down and return to regular.

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