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Brushing a Coton de Tulear

Q. I’ve a Coton de Tulear and I normally get him groomed. I brush him a couple of instances a week and I’ve had his undercoat eliminated, however he nonetheless will get knots. What is the very best software for these knots with out ripping his hair out? I’ve wire brush and it appears to be too harsh for his delicate pores and skin.

A. The curved-bristle wire slicker brush is the outdated standby groomers on the subject of coat upkeep on many silky-haired breeds, together with the Coton de Tulear, your fluffy bundle of pleasure whose ancestors hailed from the island of Madagascar. If it appears too harsh for his tender pores and skin, chances are you’ll be utilizing too heavy a hand in your well-meaning makes an attempt to maintain him tangle-free. Try a approach often called “line brushing,” a approach of systematically working your approach across the canine’s physique, penetrating the coat all the way in which to the pores and skin however using a gentler extra rhythmic stroke. Starting at one spot, maintain up a part of coat with one hand and along with your slicker, brush down from the seam line the place the pores and skin exhibits, pulling a small quantity of hair out in the direction of you and patting it down.

Don’t hop round to different areas or change sections till your brush glides simply via the hair you’re engaged on. Keep your wrist straight as you’re employed, not flicking or twisting it as that would scrape the canine’s pores and skin. Your movement ought to come from the shoulder as you utilize an excellent sweeping movement. Once you grasp it, this sort of brushing makes use of a gentler contact and extra skillful finesse than power and muscle energy alone and it’s simpler on each the pet and the groomer.

Think of your self as a well-oiled de-matting machine as you progress evenly and easily over the canine’s physique, beginning on the backside of a rear leg and dealing your approach up, one small part at a time. Once you have got completed, verify your work with a double-sided chrome steel comb to be sure you haven’t missed any mats or tangles. When it involves slicker brushes, I just like the well-used ones which might be damaged in, their bristles extra versatile and fewer harsh on the pores and skin than model new ones.

I additionally suggest a software referred to as the Mat Breaker to chop via coat tangles. Its detachable chrome steel blades even have a easy non-cutting edge and it’s designed to suit into your hand very comfortably as you’re employed via the mats, at all times within the course the hair grows, making it safer for each pet and groomer.

You may also make it simpler to eliminate tangles by utilizing a detangling spray as you’re employed. In our salon, we use a product referred to as Quicker Slicker made by Nature’s Specialties. Make certain to make use of it evenly except you propose bathe the pet, by which case chances are you’ll soak it in to loosen these tangles then use delicate shampoo adopted by a conditioning rinse. A lightweight spritz of this product on a damp coat after the tub can even minimize the brushing and drying time in half and leaves your pet delicate, silky and smelling merely scrumptious.

Friendly and fun-loving, the Coton is a positive companion, adoring his human members of the family, a fantastic home pet adaptable to any residing quarters. Since these canines haven’t any undercoat, they shed minimally, requiring frequent brushing and plenty of love.

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