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Border Collie Size | Temperament & Personality

Border Collie Size
Border Collie Size

The Border Dog canine breed was calculated to amass and regulator sheep at the beautiful border country among Scotland and England. He is a whippersnapper with boundless energy, endurance, and functioning force, all which make him a premier herding dog; he is still employed today to herd sheep on farms and ranches across the world.

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If you have ever had the joy of watching a Border Collie Herd Sheep, you know that you are seeing a master craftsman at work, together with his intense stare as he means that the sheep, his virtually instinctive reply to the shepherd’s control, and the skillful way he maneuvers the sheep precisely where the shepherd would like them to proceed. It’s awe-inspiring.

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The Border Collie, a medium-sized puppy at 30 to 45 Pounds, owns a seemingly supernatural number of Energy and endurance — a hardiness which has been designed when he was obligated to work all day at the hills and valleys of the rugged Scottish border state, occasionally running 50 miles or more a day. If it concerns the perfect working dog, it will not get much better than the Border Collie.


When there’s a dark side to the Border Collie’s energy and workaholic mindset, it comes out if he is brought to a family that does not understand him. He’s not a cuddly, Infection curry dog. He does not wish to be coddled. He wants — and demands a project.

The Border Collie is a herding dog, so he’s an overwhelming impulse to assemble a flock. That flock might be sheep, kids, cats, squirrels, or even anything that moves, such as automobiles. Instead, it has to be directed. Game of draw daily is not enough action for your Border Collie.

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From the border country between Scotland and England, the herding dog became among the most valuable resources a shepherd might have, and also the very best working dogs were bred with one another.


The kind diverse, based on the terrain or the job required in every area. The Border Collie’s name reflects his partly Scottish tradition: the term collie, which describes sheepdogs, is derived from Scottish dialect.


On a visit to Balmoral a brief time after, Queen Victoria saw among those puppies also became an enthusiast of this strain.


One R.J. Lloyd Price is granted credit for starting sheepdog trials. In 1876, he attracted 100 crazy Welsh sheep into the Alexandra Palace in London to get a demonstration. An account at the Livestock Journal explained the astonishment of the spectators at the keenness of their puppies, whose sole assistance in their handlers was in the kind of hand signals and whistles.


Needless to say, the Border Collie is not perfect. He could be strong-minded and separate, and his compulsion to herd may get misdirected. In the lack of cattle, or some sort of job, he’s apt to collect and chase kids, automobiles, or even pets.

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Generally speaking, Border Collies are medium-sized dogs using a moderate quantity of coat, which can be most often thick and sheds frequently. They’ve a double coat. That changes from smooth to rough and can be sometimes curled. A few of them include black tricolour (black/tan/white), liver and white, and red tricolour (red/tan/white) also have been observed frequently, with different colors like blue, lilac, red merle, blue merle, brindle, along with Australian red (also called red, blond, bright red, or golden) that is seen less often. Some Border Collies may even have single-colour coats.

Among the most clever of all strains, the Border Collie can be among the hardest to live with.


His superior wisdom, together with his seriousness and obsessive zeal for functioning, are his most striking features — and those which make him unsuitable for many houses.


This sharp-eyed, quick-thinking, fanatical workaholic was bred for endless kilometers of sprinting and stop-and-go activity.


When it is not feasible for him to operate livestock, you need to substitute a few LONG (45 minute) walks daily, and off-leash romps in a secure place just like a puppy park. Plus drawing balls or frisbee. Yes, this really is a lot!


The general look is that of a muscle but nimble employee unspoiled by passing fads. The medium-length rough coat along with also the briefer smooth coating come in a huge array of shades and patterns. In movement, they’re one of the puppy kingdom’s most nimble, balanced, and educated citizens.

With an extreme, watchful eye they handle every task put before them together with the attention of an Olympic Athlete. Seeing a Border Collie in the office, if in a field or in an agility class is really breathtaking. They like to take on new jobs, and also make the perfect puppy for farmers and ranchers.

Border Collies are a few of the most clever dogs on earth, and they require a whole lot of physical and psychological activity. They may be challenging for even the most experienced dog owner. Apartment living will not do for this strain, a house with a great deal of space and time to operate, play catch, chase balls and exercise agility are a far better match. Farms are the most perfect setting to get a Border Collie.


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