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Book Review: Dogs And Cancer: Pointing The Bone At Cancer


An “apparently” advanced illness… with a surprisingly easy metabolic answer… Targeted Nutritional Therapy.

Dr. Ian Billinghurst’s e-book Pointing The Bone at Cancer is a should learn for anybody who is aware of an individual or has had a beloved pet who has been recognized with most cancers. Even in case your canine doesn’t have most cancers you could know that most cancers is the main explanation for dying in canines. This signifies that in case your canine lives lengthy sufficient, there’s a good likelihood that your canine will get most cancers. Cancer and the assorted therapies of most cancers is one thing each pet proprietor ought to have a fundamental understanding of. What I’m saying is that each canine proprietor ought to learn this e-book.

I’ve personally been affected by most cancers. My mom died of ovarian most cancers. Two of my canines have died of most cancers in addition to two of my cats over time. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t know somebody, or have a beloved pet who has died of most cancers.

I wished to grasp most cancers to assist my present secure of canines and even myself to keep away from this horrible, painful, heartbreaking monster of a illness. Dr. Ian Billinghurst B.V.Sc. Hons Pointing the Bone at Cancer is a should learn for anybody who desires to have a greater understanding of most cancers and the way to deal with it.

(Picture Credit: IanBillinghurst.com)

(Picture Credit: DrIanBillinghurst.com)

Pointing The Bone At Cancer is a e-book about most cancers in canines, cats and people. It explains the present understanding of most cancers in plain phrases that anybody can perceive. It’s not till we now have an understanding of what most cancers is that we are able to truly take precautions to assist stop most cancers or kill most cancers in our personal our bodies and the our bodies of our pets.

Pointing The Bone At Cancer offers a complete tour of most cancers historical past, analysis and understanding from the very starting to the trendy day and by some means manages to place molecular biology into layman’s phrases. I used to be not an A scholar in High School and I didn’t go to school and I used to be capable of perceive all the things the nice physician was explaining to me. I believe the primary factor you want to have the ability to take in the knowledge on this e-book is an curiosity within the topic. If you’ve got a need to grasp, Dr. Billinghurst has defined all of it right here on this e-book, in a language that each canine proprietor can perceive.

Surgery, chemo and radiation have their place in combating the illness of most cancers however what’s so usually neglected is the precise explanation for most cancers and the easy food regimen and dietary methods to fight this horrific illness. The greatest drawback with most cancers appears to be the dearth of training and knowledge out there to the affected person and their caregivers. This e-book offers that data.

Cancer is in all of us proper now. We all have most cancers cells in our our bodies as do all of our pets, however what makes these most cancers cells reproduce on an epic and unstoppable scale? Why does most cancers kill the host? Cancer is just not a “mutation” as so many consider, however as Dr. Billinghurst describes it, most cancers is an historical genetic program that our physique merely “turns on”. Why does this most cancers course of get activated? Why does it appear to be getting activated increasingly in recent times? Cancer use to be uncommon, however in the present day it’s widespread. Why is that?

Cancer is just not a thriller. Cancer is just not an accident. Cancer is historical. Cancer is a course of. Cancer could be handled. Cancer thrives on the trendy western food regimen. Especially right here within the United States of America the place we eat a lot sugar and so many carbs… these are most cancers’s gasoline of selection. With the trendy western food regimen we flip our our bodies and the our bodies of our pets into most cancers incubators and the proof is within the pudding. Literally.

Poor vitamin and weight problems will increase the probability of most cancers and Targeted Nutritional Therapies work to battle most cancers. Targeted Nutritional Therapies don’t value some huge cash. They don’t trigger you or your pet to get sick or lose your hair. Targeted Nutritional Therapy is just not poisonous or unhealthy for you in any method, in contrast to so many different choices for treating most cancers.

What we have to battle most cancers is data and this e-book has all the knowledge you could to arm your self for a battle towards most cancers. A battle the place your weapons are higher than most cancers’s weapons. Your weapons are greater. You can reduce off provides to the enemy. It could be executed and is being executed day by day.

You can begin by watching this video:

And order your copy of Pointing The Bone At Cancer in the present day. The lifetime of your loved one pup might depend on the knowledge on this e-book in the future.

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