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Bill Murray Uses Hypnotism to Overcome Cat Allergy

When actor Bill Murray discovered he had to play a personality whose important companion is a cat in his new movie “St. Vincent,” he knew he’d have to do one thing to preserve his allergy at bay.

Murray instructed Ellen DeGeneres in a current interview on her discuss present that he “read someplace that allergies are psychosomatic and you can actually hypnotize yourself and overcome the allergy. So I used to do that. I used to go to girls’ houses and they had cats and all of a sudden I’d be looking at them crying and they’d be like, ‘What did I say?’ and I’d go, ‘No, it’s not you!’ So I learned to hypnotize myself and get over it…[F]or the movie I went back to that and it worked.”

I think about enjoying a hermit who spends the vast majority of his time with Felix, his pet cat performed by Jagger, can be fairly troublesome with tears streaming down his face. I’m glad the remedy labored.
“St. Vincent” is in theaters now.

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