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Bedding For Feral Cats – Petcha


I’ve constructed a feral cat shelter and I need to present the cats with some bedding or blankets to assist maintain them heat. Do you could have any suggestions?


Kudos for constructing a feral cat shelter! I’m certain your feral cats respect having a pleasant, dry place to flee the wind and snow.

As for bedding, your best option for cat shelter bedding is straw. Most straw is constituted of wheat. It’s minimize after harvest, when the plant is useless, and minimize dry so it doesn’t soak up or retain moisture. It has a hole shaft, making it light-weight, and it’s comparatively cheap and broadly obtainable.

When filling your shelter, pack the shelter stuffed with straw, not simply present a comfortable layer to put on. The cats will burrow into the straw and it’ll successfully insulate their physique warmth.

Do to not confuse hay with straw. Hay is a grass that’s minimize whereas it’s nonetheless “green” as a result of it’s primarily used to feed livestock. This makes it extra absorbent and extra prone to mildew. It additionally prices greater than straw.

Your first intuition is perhaps to offer blankets (if you find yourself chilly that’s what you usually attain for, in any case) however blankets are absorbent and might retain moisture. Even in the event that they aren’t uncovered to the weather, if a moist cat enters the shelter the water will switch to the blanket. Blankets can simply get moldy and even freeze when the temperature drops, each of that are harmful for the cats.

Just a few different beddings to keep away from embrace:
Wood Chips Wood shaving can comprise oils that irritate animals noses and respiratory techniques. They don’t present insulation (nor are they comfy to lie on). Wood chips may cause splinters and extreme injury to the digestive tract if eaten.

Pine Pellets Pine pellets are very absorbent (just like pine contemporary cat litter). This opens the bedding as much as mildew and freezing in low temperatures. The cats can also mistake it for cat litter.

Paper Bedding/Care Fresh Though beneficial for hamsters and different small mammals, paper bedding isn’t applicable for feral cat shelters. It can present good insulation, however is absorbent and can possible get moldy and smelly in a short time. It can also be very costly.

For further winter climate ideas or data on common colony care, please go to Alley Cat Allies web site.

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