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Backstory: Video The Media Doesn’t Show Of Great White Shark Biting Long Distance Swimmer In Calif.

By now, you most likely have heard of the juvenile nice white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) biting an extended distance swimmer in Manhattan Beach, Calif. over the 4th of July weekend. The mainstream media has chalked it up as an unlucky accident, and it was, in a way, you then see the YouTube video of the fisherman as he’s combating the estimated 7-foot nice white off the town pier.


In that video, you hear the fishermen laughing because the group of 14 lengthy distance swimmers approaches the good white, who the fisherman and his buddies had been combating for about 45 minutes. When they hear the screams of the swimmer, recognized as Steven Robles, they’re dumbfounded making an attempt to determine what occurred. After they hear the screams, the fishermen on the pier change their tune and begin yelling for the swimmers to get out of the water.

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Some media studies declare that the fishermen alerted the swimmers earlier than the shark bit Robles however a video posted to YouTube by LoudLabs, tells a distinct story of the fishermen and surrounding onlookers laughing because the swimmers head towards the place the shark is, saying that Robles is simply screaming as a result of he noticed the shark and “$hit his pants.” The fisherman who hooked the good white, Jason Hagemann, apparently has been concentrating on nice white sharks off the Manhattan Beach Pier all winter lengthy, in line with a Facebook web page attributed to a Jason Hagemann.

Great white sharks are a protected species and it’s unlawful to fish for them. Once it’s recognized that you’ve got hooked an ideal white, you should instantly reduce the road. In this case, Hagemann didn’t reduce the road, and in line with his reasoning posted on Facebook, he was making an attempt to “turn” the shark away from the swimmers. But that appears far fetched to say the least. Again, test the LoudLabs video. You don’t flip a 7-foot nice white shark from a pier. A ship, possibly. At this level you might be simply holding onto the rod and reel and letting the shark do what it needs, which was making an attempt to spit the hook and go free. Experts say that the shark bit the swimmer as a response response to being hooked on the fishing line.

There is a complete host of dialog on the SwellMagnet Facebook wall, together with apparently Hagemann’s father who for some time defended his son’s actions. Those posts have been since deleted, as have Jason Hagemann’s. Now the Manhattan Beach City Council has scheduled an emergency session to debate the unlucky incident. One of the problems that will come up shall be a proposal to ban shark fishing from the pier. Robles is in secure situation contemplating what he went by means of.

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