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Army Specialist Wins Tidy Cats Contest

U.S. Army Spc. Nathan Davis of Petersburg, Va., was just lately named the winner of the Tidy Cats Campaign to End Cattiness Contest, which was launched to assist finish stereotypes about multiple-cat homeowners.

The contest elicited a whole lot of on-line entries, all sharing tales to assist debunk the “crazy cat lady” fable.

“I’m thrilled that my story about my life with my cats — Commander Frank Sinatra and Sergeant Snog — was selected as the winning entry in the Tidy Cats Campaign to End Cattiness Contest,” Davis mentioned. “It would be great if my story inspires others to see how normal, rewarding and happy the life of a multiple-cat owner truly is.”

As the winner, Davis can be featured in a Tidy Cats Cribs Webisode. He may even obtain a $5,000 money award and a one-year provide of Tidy Cats Scoop.

According to a nationwide Tidy Cats survey, the vast majority of non-cat homeowners have damaging perceptions about multiple-cat homeowners, saying that they’d describe folks with multiple cat as being a homebody (75 p.c), lonely (69 p.c) and a “crazy cat lady” (58 p.c).

Misperceptions additionally carried into the house, in accordance with the survey, with non-cat homeowners saying they’d describe multiple-cat homeowners’ houses as smelly (75 p.c), having furnishings and bedding coated in cat hair (85 p.c) and being cluttered (66 p.c).

Click right here to learn Davis’ full contest submission and look at photos of his house and cats.


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