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All About Hamster Food – Petcha

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Any primary weight loss plan for a hamster ought to embrace some:

  1. Hard, gnawing-kind meals
  2. Some seed and grain
  3. Some contemporary meals

Hard Foods

Some individuals select lab blocks for his or her hamster’s gnawing meals; others want canine bones or pressed pellets. Certain chew meals are higher than others.

Lab blocks are created from grains, cereals and dried vegetable materials which are pressed into stable blocks. They try and create a nutritionally full meals product to your hamster that has the bonus of holding the hamster’s ever-rising incisors from getting uncontrolled.

Lab-block hamster diets have the benefit of offering precise dietary proportions so hamster doesn’t eat an excessive amount of of 1 sort of meals. The solely attainable disadvantage with these meals is that they’re just a little boring. Hamsters want some selection. If you select to feed your hamster a lab-block weight loss plan, complement the hamster’s meal with one or two small items of contemporary meals each two or three days as a deal with to maintain it .

Choose a block particularly made for hamsters or gerbils. Gerbils have roughly the identical dietary wants of hamsters, so lab blocks for gerbils can be utilized so long as you complement with different meals. Rat blocks can be utilized as nicely, however they have to not be the one meals supply. Rats have considerably totally different dietary wants.

Pressed inexperienced pellets are gnawing meals for hamsters. These inexperienced pellets are often created from vegetable matter, principally alfalfa. They might have cereals combined in however not sufficient to make them stand-alone hamster meals. Some hamsters will eat these, some gained’t. They are included in most hamster-combine meals.

Dog bones are additionally meals for hamsters to gnaw on. Nutritionally they don’t seem to be a stand-alone meals both. Just add one or two small bones to the hamster’s cage each different week.

Seed-And-Grain Foods

Another frequent meals alternative is hamster seed-and-grain mixes. These usually provide a wide range of seed-and-grain substances that vary from good to unhealthy. The greatest concern is mixes with an overabundance of sunflower seeds.

Hamsters love sunflower seeds nearly as a lot as they like to horde meals. When given a seed-and-grain combine, most hamsters select to eat the sunflower seeds first. These seeds make nice treats, however the fatty oils in them make them too fattening as a significant staple of a hamster’s weight loss plan. Use warning when feeding your hamster seed-and-grain mixes, and take away among the sunflower seeds.

Fresh Foods

Feeding contemporary meals is usually a good change and a deal with to your hamster. Too a lot of this good deal with could cause diarrhea, harmful to hamsters, so provide contemporary meals solely twice or 3 times per week, one or two small items at a time.

Start slowly when first introducing a contemporary meals into the hamster’s weight loss plan. A hamster’s system might have to regulate earlier than it might eat various bites.

Pesticides simply kill a hamster, so fully wash any contemporary meals you give to your hamster. Also, don’t depart contemporary meals mendacity across the cage or it’ll rot. If you give your hamster an excessive amount of contemporary meals, it’ll stash it away the place it’ll spoil. Check your hamster’s meals storage frequently and take away any contemporary meals saved there earlier than it spoils.

Final Hamster Diet Tips

For arduous, gnawing-kind meals, should you want a lab-block weight loss plan to your hamster, a small quantity of seed combine will give your hamster some added selection. Add a tablespoon each day or two.

If you select to feed your hamster a seed combine as the primary weight loss plan, provide some lab blocks to your hamster to gnaw on sometimes. Feeding your hamster about 5 blocks each different week will hold its enamel wholesome.

Fresh meals ought to be used primarily as a deal with. Keep the portion small and the quantity low, resembling a small piece or two of contemporary meals about each two or three days.

Some meals are poisonous to hamsters. It is necessary to know these meals to keep away from critical issues to your hamster.

Excerpt from the Popular Critters Series magabook Hamsters with permission from its writer, Lumina Media. Purchase Hamsters right here.

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