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Agility Training Techniques: Backchaining – Petcha

The precept of backchaining requires educating the final merchandise first, then including the following-to-final merchandise and so forth, progressively lengthening the chain of occasions and all the time reinforcing and ending with the identical closing goal conduct. Backchaining is an excellent strategy to break down many advanced agility abilities. Everything from ramps and make contact with-zone efficiency to sequencing and sending abilities could be enhanced by means of backchaining.

As a handler, you will need to keep in mind to proceed supporting your canine’s path all the way in which to the goal impediment. That requires extra than simply your voice or throwing a toy out forward of your canine. Think of it as an higher physique job, leaning ahead to encourage ahead movement and leaning again to attract your canine again to you. The farther your canine is to go with out you, the stronger have to be your higher physique push towards the goal. After you click on, it’s possible you’ll let down the strain and throw a toy or run in with a deal with, and so forth. As you backchain your canine’s abilities, be aware of backchaining your individual dealing with abilities as nicely.

Excerpt from the e book Enjoying Dog Agility by Julie Daniels with permission from its writer, Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press. Purchase Enjoying Dog Agility right here.

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