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5 Reasons Conures Make Great Family Pets

Families in search of a hen as a pet hen could come throughout conures when doing their analysis. With greater than 100 completely different species and subspecies of conures, mother and father and youngsters can simply be overwhelmed by all of the conures they’ll select from. Conures make nice household pets, briefly, as a result of:

  1. They adapt simply.
  2. There are many kinds of conures that are perfect for first or skilled hen house owners.
  3. Conures are moderately priced and simply obtainable. You can undertake too!
  4. Conures are nice in teams or alone.
  5. Conures’ cages don’t take up as a lot house.

Let’s discover these causes some extra.

1. Adaptable And Resilient Conures

Conures are “fairly flexible and [an] easy going bird,” defined Cheryl Burns, aviculturist and former president of the Interational Conure Association. Conures’ adaptability permits them to regulate simply to their new setting and household’s schedule. Burns stated that conures are good at:

  • Schedules for consuming
  • Taking to members of the family intuitively as a result of they’re naturally “playful and curious”
  • Being boarded and shifting with a household.

Jamie Whittaker of ABC Birds in Humble, Texas explains conures may be educated to, “come in and out of the cage, stay on their playstand, perform tricks, bow, go to other people,” together with shifting onto an individual’s hand and may be educated to be groomed. Whittaker stated, “[conures] make good family pets because they are not intimidating looking so kids are willing to handle them.”

2. Types Of Conures To Consider

Whittaker recommends green-cheeked conures as a result of they’re quieter than the Aratinga conure species. Green-cheeked conures are available shade mutations together with frequent maroon tail and inexperienced physique, cinnamon, turquoise and blue and yellow-sided. Similar in measurement to green-cheeked conures, about 10 inches in size, crimson-bellied conures and black-capped conures are beneficial by Whittaker as a result of they’re quieter than the Arantinga-type conures. Other beneficial conure species, in keeping with Whittaker, embody half-moon conures, peach-fronted conures and dusky sub-species of the Arantinga-type conures, as a result of they’re solely barely louder than a green-cheeked conure.

three. Conures Can Be Easy To Find

Depending on the kind of conure and the place one is purchased, costs differ. Green-cheeked conures have a mean worth vary of $149 to $350, in keeping with Whittaker, with breeders possible cheaper and pet shops being costlier. You can even contemplating adopting a conure too!

four. One Conure Or Two?

Whether a household desires a single conure or a number of conures is determined by the make-up and need of the household. Whittaker explains the variety of conures that is perhaps acceptable for a household is determined by a household’s way of life, the variety of folks that loves birds within the house and the sociability of conures. As Whittaker explains, “[conures] socialize well with other birds; they socialize with other people,” demonstrating how conures can stay alone or with one or a number of different conures, even to 10 to 12 companion conures or extra as a result of conures benefit from the firm of different birds. This leaves discretion as much as the household’s wants and needs.

Whether a household desires a single conure or a number of conures is determined by the make-up and need of the household.

5. Conure Cages Don’t Require A Lot Of Space

Burns added that conures,” don’t take up plenty of house.” Compared to a macaw cage, particularly! Ranging from eight to 14 or 16 inches in size, together with their tail, conures can transfer round a 24- to 36-inch hen cage with out brushing up towards the perimeters. This doesn’t imply you’ll be able to put the conure in a nook and overlook about him! Conures love to hold outdoors of their cage, on their playstand or with you! 5 Things You Need to Know About Green-Cheeked Conures 5 Things You Need to Know About Sun Conures

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