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3 Cat Butt Health Questions

Why does my cat after she leaves her litterbox begin dragging her butt on something she will discover? Sometimes there’s poop or slightly blood on no matter she drags it on. —
Susan Tussing

Causes may embody:

In addition to inflicting butt itchiness, worms — tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms — can result in digestive points, dehydration and anemia in your cat and issues for you as properly.  Your vet can let you know which sort of worm your cat has (if she does have them) and prescribe a therapy protocol. To restrict your cat’s possibilities of infestation:
•    Keep her inside. Cats can get worms by ingesting an contaminated animal or licking her paws after strolling throughout soil the place contaminated animals have defecated.
•    Be vigilant about flea prevention. Fleas can have tapeworms, and in case your cat ingests them she will get contaminated, too.

Your cat, particularly if she has lengthy hair, won’t have as clear a behind as she would love.
•    Check out her poop. If it’s runny she might have a well being subject or want a food regimen change. If she’s not pooping usually she could possibly be constipated. Both situations are irritating.
•    Consider her bodily situation. If she’s obese or arthritic from previous age she could be having bother tending to her bottom. You might help by cleansing the realm with heat water or giving the hair again there a trim.

Cats have anal glands which are crammed with fluid to assist them mark their territory. It’s normally launched throughout regular litter field visits, however the glands can get impacted. Your vet can handle it.

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